• Terrestrial and celestial globes, ca. 1839

    Charles Smith & Son of 172 Strand, London probably made these globes—one terrestrial and one celestial—about 1839, based on the language of their labels. The label on the terrestrial globe, pictured on the far left, proclaims it contains the whole of the latest discoveries and geographical improvements, also the tracks of the most celebrated circumnavigators. The celestial globe, on the left, illustrates all the principal stars compiled from the works of Wollaston, Flamsted, de la Caille, Havelius, Mayer, Bradley, Herschel, Maskelyne, the Transactions of the Astronomical Society of London, &c., &c. The constellations are beautifully illustrated, and the globe includes a horizon ring. Charles Smith & Son operated from 18271852 selling maps and globes. 

    Although these are not the ones that originally belonged to Henry Knox, his financial papers indicate that he purchased a pair of globes from William Poyntell, probably of Philadelphia,in February 1795. The inventory taken at Knox’s death places them in the library.

    Purchased for Montpelier by the Knox Memorial Association
    Accession number: P-09, P-10

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