• Portrait of Lucy Flucker Knox Thatcher attributed to Albert Gallatin Hoit, ca. 1834
    Albert Gallatin Hoit, a New Hampshire-born artist, gained modest repute as a portraitist despite his lack of formal training. He was born in 1809 and educated at Dartmouth. By the early 1830s Hoit was an itinerant painter honing his skills on the job. He spent time in several places in Maine Portland,Thomaston, Bangor and Howland and enjoyed moderate success in Canada. He was known for his congenial manner,and his ability to capture sweet and engaging expressions,especially in his female sitters. This oil on canvas portrait,though unsigned, was almost certainly painted by Hoit, probably in 1834 when he was working in the Thomaston area. In 1854, Lucy Thatcher willed my portrait taken many years since by Mr. Hoyt to her daughter Caroline Flucker Smith. Smiths 1904 will mentions the painting as being in the possession of her niece, Catherine P. Fowler.
    Photo by Ben Magro
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