Daguerreotype of Montpelier, ca. 1870

Daguerreotype of Montpelier, ca. 1870 By the time Montpelier was razed in 1871 it was falling into ruin, as this daguerreotype attests. The plantings by the house were overgrown and unkempt, […]

Thomaston Cavalry Banner, ca. 1800

Thomaston Cavalry Color, ca. 1800 The Thomaston Cavalry was one of two local militia units started by Henry Knox, formally organized about 18001801. In 1799, the town appropriated $200 for flags [...]

Map of the Waldo Patent, 1789

Map of the Waldo Patent, 1789 Prior to building his home in Thomaston, Knox attempted to familiarize himself with his lands and to determine how best to develop them through various […]

Finial From Montpelier, ca. 1795

Finial from Montpelier, ca. 1795 This finial is one of the pieces salvaged from Montpelier before it was razed in 1871. Photographs of the mansion show that finials graced the roof. The gold […]

Baluster From Montpelier, ca. 1795

Baluster from Montpelier, ca. 1795 Henry Knox had Captain Thomas Vose supervise the building of Montpelier; a laborious task considering the number of details to attend to in constructing a [...]

Water Pipe From Montpelier, ca. 1795.

Water pipe from Montpelier, ca. 1795. Like many of his peers, Henry Knox loved innovation. Among his papers are receipts for a solar microscope, a camera obscura and an electrical conductor. [...]

Leather Fire Bucket, 1793

Leather fire bucket, 1793 This leather fire bucket is purported to have once belonged to Henry Knox. The inventory of items that he shipped from Philadelphia to Thomaston does include fire [...]