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    The Henry Knox Museum takes the health and well-being of its staff, volunteers, donors, members, and the community seriously.  During this period of shut-down for the  COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to fund-raise to meet our needs but have canceled and rescheduled some of our events.  Please watch our Events page for updates on scheduled lectures, celebrations, or events.  We wish our entire museum community safety and health.

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    What you don’t know about Henry Knox is a lot.

    He was there. At Trenton.  Brandywine. Valley Forge. And Yorktown. Henry Knox was there. He was Chief of Artillery. He was the one who yelled: “Fire!” For eight and a half long bloody years, he was there. Right in the thick of it.

    Knox earned the respect and life-long friendship of George Washington, was his right-hand man throughout the war, stood beside him crossing the Delaware, and served in his cabinet. He may not have signed the Declaration of Independence, but he sure as heck did risk his neck to make it possible.

    Henry Knox was somebody, still is somebody, you should totally know.


    Mission Statement
    The General Henry Knox Museum (dba Knox Museum) honors the life, times, and legacy of Henry Knox; the heritage of Montpelier; and the veterans and families who have served, and continue to serve, our nation.

    Tax Status
    The General Henry Knox Museum, (dba Knox Museum), is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization operating Montpelier, Thomaston, Maine. Fed. I.D. #: 01-0427323.

    Team & Board Members

    Knox Museum Staff

    • Knox Museum
      Knox Museum Main Office

      30 High Street | PO Box 326

      Thomaston, ME 04861



    • Sarah Johnson
      Sarah Johnson Museum Manager



    • Delores Allen
      Delores Allen Executive Assistant



      (207) 354-8062

    Board of Trustees

    • Anne E. Perkins
      Anne E. Perkins Chairman of the Board
      • Necole Dabrio Janczura
        Necole Dabrio Janczura Secretary
        • Herman S. Kohlmeyer, Jr.
          Herman S. Kohlmeyer, Jr. Treasurer
          • Anne Williams Kohlmeyer
            Anne Williams Kohlmeyer Trustee
            • Barry Hodge
              Barry Hodge Trustee
              • Carol Achterhof
                Carol Achterhof Trustee
                • David Edfors
                  David Edfors Trustee
                  • Douglas Erickson
                    Douglas Erickson Trustee
                    • Dr. James O. Pringle
                      Dr. James O. Pringle Trustee
                      • Elisabeth Henshaw
                        Elisabeth Henshaw Trustee
                        • Karen Smith
                          Karen Smith Trustee
                          • Lynn Taylor
                            Lynn Taylor Trustee
                            • Mary Anderson Griffin
                              Mary Anderson Griffin Trustee
                              • Molly S. Kellogg
                                Molly S. Kellogg Trustee
                                • Patricia Hubbard
                                  Patricia Hubbard Trustee
                                  • Philip Wright
                                    Philip Wright Trustee
                                    • Russell Wolfertz, Jr.
                                      Russell Wolfertz, Jr. Trustee
                                      • Sally Ann Williamson
                                        Sally Ann Williamson Trustee
                                        • Susan Fay
                                          Susan Fay Trustee
                                          • Wayne Mallar
                                            Wayne Mallar Trustee
                                            Honorary & Ex-Officio Trustees

                                            • Doris Buffett
                                              Doris Buffett Honorary Trustee
                                              • Renny A. Stackpole
                                                Renny A. Stackpole Honorary Trustee

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