Society of the Cincinnati medal, ca. 1784
This enamel on gold medal of the Society of the Cincinnati(detail), originally owned by Henry Knox. The Society began as the brainchild of Knox, to provide a means of ongoing fellowship for the officers of the Continental
Army. Membership was inherited. The original institution provided that members should be recognized by a medal of gold, of a proper size to receive the emblems, and be suspended by a deep blue ribbon, two inches wide, edged with white, descriptive of the union of France and America. Major Pierre L’Enfant designed the medals and commissioned them from Paris, presenting them to the membership at the first general meeting in 1784. This medal, suspended from a replacement ribbon, was worn by Knox, Henry Knox Thatcher, Henry Knox Sikes, Clarence Alanson Fowler and finally Henry Thatcher Fowler. The Knox medal
is the reverse of the usual insignia.
Donated to Montpelier by Lewis A. Reed and Mrs. Raymond Tims in memory of Annie May Larki
Accession number: P-019
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