Mission Statement
The General Henry Knox Museum, (dba Knox Museum), serves to honor the life, times, and military service of patriot, soldier, founding father, and statesman, Henry Knox; and the heritage of the Museum’s 13-acre property and its signature building, Montpelier.

Tax Status
The General Henry Knox Museum, (dba Knox Museum), is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization operating Montpelier, Thomaston, Maine. Fed. I.D. #: 01-0427323.

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Team & Board Members

Knox Museum Staff

  • Tobin Malone
    Tobin Malone Executive Director
  • Matthew Hansbury
    Matthew Hansbury Collections Manager
  • Delores Allen
    Delores Allen Assistant to the Executive Director
Board of Trustees

  • LTC Peter W. Ogden (ret)
    LTC Peter W. Ogden (ret) Chairman of the Board
  • David Farmer
    David Farmer Vice-Chairman
  • Sandra Freeman Orluk
    Sandra Freeman Orluk Secretary
  • James H. Cuthbertson
    James H. Cuthbertson Treasurer
  • Bradley W. Boyd
    Bradley W. Boyd Trustee
  • Judith Brogden
    Judith Brogden Trustee
  • Peter Grimm
    Peter Grimm Trustee
  • Elisabeth Henshaw
    Elisabeth Henshaw Trustee
  • Molly S. Kellogg
    Molly S. Kellogg Trustee
  • Peasy Love
    Peasy Love Trustee
  • Anne Roach Williams
    Anne Roach Williams Trustee
  • Sally Ann Williamson
    Sally Ann Williamson Trustee
  • Russell Wolfertz, Jr.
    Russell Wolfertz, Jr. Trustee
  • Michael Edgecomb
    Michael Edgecomb Trustee
  • Anne E. Perkins
    Anne E. Perkins Trustee
  • Robert Shotwell
    Robert Shotwell Trustee
  • Herman Kohlmeyer
    Herman Kohlmeyer Trustee
Honorary & Ex-Officio Trustees

  • Doris Buffett
    Doris Buffett Honorary Trustee
  • Renny A. Stackpole
    Renny A. Stackpole Honorary Trustee
  • Valmore G. Blastow, Jr.,
    Valmore G. Blastow, Jr., Ex-Officio Trustee
  • Thomaston Town Manager
    Thomaston Town Manager Ex-Officio Trustee
 Registered Agent

  • Edward Collins
    Edward Collins Registered Agent

Community First Initiative

In 2013 Knox Museum launched its “Community First” initiative, to create programming that would reach out to its neighbors, build stronger local partnerships, and attract more people to its 13-acre campus in Thomaston. The results were impressive!

Attended 2013's Boots on the Ground, the Museum’s Memorial Day weekend salute to America’s military
Attended Midsummer at the Museum, a family-friendly solstice celebration with pig roast, bonfire, and fireworks in June
Cut the Cake! At Henry’s big July birthday party, geared for the younger set
Attended KNOXFEST 2013 in August, with steel drum music, barbecued chicken, and an outdoor screening of “The Crossing”
Sat At Henry’s Table to enjoy an historically accurate 18th-century dinner in September
Enjoyed Midsummer at the Museum, a family-friendly solstice celebration with pig roast, bonfire, and fireworks in June
Experienced the Museum’s hugely popular inaugural food and wine festival, Taste of Thomaston, in October
Came along to the Holiday Open House at Montpelier, and another three dozen attended Historic Caroling with Anthony Antolini, in December

Attendance is growing! Combined with regular visitors and school tours of Montpelier; attendance at The Annual Knox Lecture at The Strand; at A Revolutionary Affair, the benefit dinner in August; and at its ongoing music programs and lecture series, Knox Museum increased its 2013 attendance by almost 50% over 2012, to a total of nearly 6,000 visitors.

Partners and programs keep us strong. The Museum actively partnered with community and civic-minded groups in 2013, including the American Legion, the Masons, Finnish Heritage House, Thomaston Historical Society, Camden Public Library, and Georges River Land Trust; earned some noteworthy corporate sponsorship, and received renewed support from its membership, volunteer base, and Board of Trustees, as well as from the Town of Thomaston.

Currently plans are under way to repeat many of these successful programs, and even to launch some new ones. Stay tuned to the 2014 Calendar for continuing updates!

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